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Over 16 years of experience in producing Architectural AutoCAD drawings of existing commercial buildings. Our expertise in creating commercial drawings is brought to the Residential Market to give our residential clients the definitive square footage number of the listing/home.

Be proactive, not reactive!

Have it measured before you list it! Whether the site is a Commercial building/suite or a residential home, know the true rentable area or home square footage before you have a leasee or buyer.

The Bottom Line:

There simply isn’t a more accurate, faster or lower cost way to give you the accurate Residential and Commercial drawings.  For our Commercial services the cost is one third to one half the cost of having most Architects provide the same service and we are usually on site measuring within two to three days of receiving a Master Request for Service form.  PLUS, we deliver the drawings within 24 TO 48 hours of completion of the measurement process.  Residential drawings with square footage calculations are provided with 24 hours of completion of the site measurement.

Thank you for using our service!

By your using our service you partner with us to give the profits of the company to support community organizations.

Every year we give thousands of dollars to community organizations including Infant Crisis Services,

The Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, the Food Bank, Salvation Army (locally)

and community arts programs.

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Actual floor layout not the same as your drawings?  Want to know the actual rentable square footage of your commercial space or building?  Selling or leasing a commercial property and need accurate drawings for potential buyers or leasees?  We measure and create accurate, complete, layout drawings in Architectural AutoCAD® and provide you with flatline or 3D plots of the space.

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Sellers, Brokers, Agents, and Buyers all benefit from having the accurate square footage of a residential property.  We measure with an $800 laser, set to 1/32” and Bluetooth every measurement directly into the CAD program in our tablet computer.


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