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Sellers, Brokers, Agents, and Buyers all benefit from accurate square footage of their residential properties.  We measure with an $800 laser, set to 1/32” and Bluetooth every measurement directly into the CAD program in our tablet computer.


No one wants to have a contract on the house only to find out that the square footage is not what was listed on the MLS.  No matter where you acquired the square footage of the house, the odds are that it is incorrect.  (Unless it was MeasureRight of course!)The cost for our measuring service is so low that it just doesn’t pay not to make sure! Even new houses should be measured before listing - WHY? Because buildout is never the same as the plans!

What do we give you when we have completed the measurement of a home? 

We provide a .pdf file on our letterhead paper which shows the footprint of the house with the total square footage of the house under central heat & air shown in the footprint and stated at the bottom of the .pdf file.  We attach the .pdf file to an email which shows the cost for the services, the address of the home measured and the total square footage under central heat& air. Additionally we remind the client that the cost of our service is a deductible expense in selling their home/listing.


Who can request a house be measured?


Sellers, either direct or through their Brokers, who want to quote accurate and maximum home square footage on their MLS listing.
Sellers who want to make sure they are not losing money by quoting LESS quare footage than is really in the home!

Remeber: Over quoting the home square footage could put a buyer contract in jeopardy when a Buyer’s or lending institution’s Appraiser (or MeasureRight) finds less square footage that the seller is quoting!


Ensure the listing square footage quoted on the MLS is accurate.
Help your sellers realize the most from their home by encouraging them to use MeasureRight to find the true square footage of their home!

Protect your sellers by obtaining the true square footage BEFORE you get a contract on the home. Having to re-negotiate a contract or, worse yet, losing a contract because of the home having less square footage that what you put on the MLS is the last place you want to be as the sellers Agent. As a Buyers agent, make sure you Buyer is getting everything they are paying for by verifying the reported square footage!


Make sure the listing square footage is accurate before.

Remember: If the house is more sq. ft. than the seller has listed, the buyer just smiles and you continue with the contract. If the house is less sq. ft., you inform the seller through your Broker you are reducing the offer in accordance with the reduced sq. ft. or you take other alternative measures suggested by your Broker. Be sure the home you are considering is really worth the price you are offering!


We take great effort to ensure our measurements are as accurate as the instruments and the structure being measured will allow. Our background in creating detailed and highly accurate drawings is unmatched among other companies and private individuals providing similar services!  We stand behind our services and the quality and accuracy of each drawing!


For information and display purposes download our Residential Flyer here.

Builders - To view a typical .pdf file with house footprint and typical builder invoice click Builder Packet here.


Cost for Measuring and Calculating
Total Home Square Footage
Floor From To Cost
1st Floor 1,999 sq ft $90.00
1st Floor 2,000 2,499 sq ft $108.00
1st Floor 2,500 2,999 sq ft $128.00
1st Floor 3,000 3,499 sq ft $148.00
1st Floor 3,500 3,999 sq ft $162.00
1st Floor 4,000 4,499 sq ft $186.00
1st Floor 4,500 4,999 sq ft $208.00
1st Floor 5,000 5,499 sq ft $225.00
1st Floor 5,500 5,999 sq ft $250.00
1st Floor 7,000 Quote $400.00
Second Floor 10.5 cents per sq. ft. of total second floor square footage space.

Above price list is for a single story, single structure. The cost for measuring additional floors/levels ( 2nd, 3rd, etc. or basement) is 10.5 cents per sq. ft. of the total additional floor/level square footage. Additional Charges: If there are any vertical walls under 5', a second drawing will be generated to indicate those walls brought into the room to a height of 5'. There will be an additional charge $25 to $50 for the second drawing. There will be an additional charge for structures other than the primary house structure of from $25 and up depending on the square footage of the additional structure(s). There will be an additional charge of 3% applied to the normal charge if paying online for our services. Above 10,000 sf the amount is $400 plus an additional charge per 1,000 sq. ft. over 10,000 sf to be determined by RLS. Note: We must have some form of payment before we can share the information from the site measurement. No payment, no information. No payment, we own the information not the client.


Click one of the links below to see floor plans with all major room dimensions, 3D views of floor plans, and printable floor plans and 3D views. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer or you want to get the newest version of Adobe Reader (Version 9.2), click on this link to download the latest version FREE: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

Residential 2nd Floor Drawing 1

This is a picture of the initial drawing of a residential home second floor.

Residential 2nd Floor Drawing 2

Second stage drawing of a residential home second floor with all internal walls removed.

Residential 1st & 2nd Floor Drawing 3

First stage drawing of 1st floor.

Residential 1st & 2nd Floor Drawing 4

Second Stage drawing of 1st floor with garage included.

Residential Drawing Final 5

Final Residential drawing with Total Square Footage of both 1st and 2nd floors.
The first floor now shows the garage separated from the rest of the house under central heat & air.  (2nd floor sq. ft. now includes the square footage of a stud wall surrounding the 2nd floor.)

Residential House with GREAT Detail

Would you like more detail to offer potential buyers? This is a drawing with the entire house in an AutoCAD® with the house in both flatline and 3D. We can measure and show all internal walls in the home and create drawings, with room dimensions, in Architectural AutoCAD®. Call us for details.

A Special Note about Second Floors

The cost difference between the first and additional levels is due to having to measure and put into the drawing two thirds to all internal walls to make sure we are placing all external walls where they belong from room to room. Once we finish the initial drawing, we remove all internal walls, add the linier footage around the second floor and calculate the square footage of an external wall and add this square footage to the internal square footage. All this takes much more time to place in the computer and, later, preparing the drawing for the client. Keep in mind that if we only measured the internal square footage of the second floor we would only be giving you usable or livable square footage, no total square footage. Removing interwalls in drawing and calculating the wall square footage can add between twenty and forty-five minutes to the time it takes to calculate the square footage of the second floor. This additional time factor is why we have had to raise our price for measuring second floor (third floors and basements, etc.).

Payment Information

Payment is requested at time of service. Check or cash is preferred or we can take an accepted credit card. (Please note that there is a 3% additional charge for taking credit card charges.)

If payment can not be made at the time of service, we will email the total cost of the service to the client. This email contains payment options which include paying on line or sending a check for the amount of the service. Payee can pay online through our website to PayPal. At PayPal Payment Services the payee can pay with a regular credit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) or with a PayPal account. Again, please note that there is a 3% additional charge for taking credit card charges.

Upon payment verification we will email the paying entity the square footage calculation results plus a .jpg or Adobe .pdf file containing a footprint of the house on our letterhead paper. The information collected and processed by RLS' MeasureRight service in determining the total home square footage belongs to the person or business paying for the service. This information will not be shared with anyone other than the paying person or business without the expressed permission of the person or business paying for the service. (Refer to the permissions portion of the request form.) We will have the home square footage calculation and jpg or .pdf file ready as soon as payment verification has been received.

Please Note: We cannot furnish the total home square footage results until the payment has been received and verified. Paying by credit card or PayPal is verified the same day. If paying by check through the Postal Service, it may take 2 to 4 days before the check will arrive at our office.

A Note to Real Estate Agents New to Our Service

If this is the first time you are filling out our service request form, please fill in the Agent information requested on the form.
If you are a returning Agent, click the down arrow in the Agent Information line, locate your name in the dropdown
list and click on it. Your information will be automatically placed in the Agent information field.

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