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RealTime Layout Solutions (RLS) is a company dedicated to providing unique services to the Commercial Real Estate Brokerage community, building owners and rent property managers. We measure and furnish layout drawings of the current “as built” commercial spaces.  Once the drawing is completed we can calculate the rentable square footage using the guidelines of ANSI  Z62.1.

All new layout drawings are created in Architectural AutoCAD® software. Our drawings are made using Architectural AutoCAD® tools allowing the drawing to be viewed and plotted both in flat line drawings and in “Realistic” 3D. We provide 24”x36” plots of all Drawings as well as high resolution copies of the drawings in Adobe Reader .pdf format. Viewing the drawing in .pdf format allows the viewer to use Adobe Reader picture tools, including the zoom tool; to see even the smallest details, the save tool to save the drawings to their computer to view at a later time and the printing option. We can also provide letter size printable flatline floor plan and 3D drawings of the floor plan.  To view examples of the drawings, click on a drawing name in the “Samples” area of this page.

Once the drawing is completed we can also sit down with you or your client and rework the space, moving or taking out walls and developing new spaces per your/their needs.  We can the then provide plots of the revised spaces within 24 hours.

RealTime Layout Solutions’ drawings are produced in a fraction of the time generally required by an Architectural firm and cost much less than their normal charge.   The finished layout drawing file can be shared with any Architect in standard AutoCAD® or Architecture  AutoCAD® formats to help produce build-out drawings saving many hours ($) in the process required by the Architect to produce build-out drawings.

For information and display purposes download our Commercial Flyer here.

RealTime Layout Solutions' Rate

The rate for our commercial services is $90 an hour.

RealTime Layout Solutions' will invoice the requester of the service but we request that payment be expedited; payment with 2 weeks.


Click one of the links below to see floor plans with all major room dimensions, 3D views of floor plans, and printable floor plans and 3D views. If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer or you want to get the newest version of Adobe Reader (Version 9.2), click on this link to download the latest version FREE: http://get.adobe.com/reader/.

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